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Monday Cigarettes

Monday Fine Tobacco Cigarettes, the flagship product of the Monday Tobacco Company, provides a rich, smooth tobacco flavor like in the old days, without such hindrances as additives, filters, or Master Settlement Agreements.  Monday Cigarettes remains true to its goals of reaching new customers—ONLY 18 OR OLDER (in most states)—through NASCAR Cup competition and looks forward to success on the track with 52 Pickup Racing.

Phrenology Associates

The first associate sponsor (no pun intended) of 52 Pickup Racing, Phrenology Associates is the nation’s leading provider of skull-reading services.  Whether to learn more about yourself, your family, or your employees, Phrenology Associates provides this valuable, ancient service at a reasonable price.  Please note that phrenology is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or mental defect.

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