The Team


T.B. Dee is the primary driver of the #52 Monday Cigarettes race car. A contender for the NASCAR Cup Rookie of the Year award, Dee comes to NASCAR competition with a wealth of experience in the Southern United Challenger Kings Series (SUCKS) and the Birmingham-Leeds Outlaw World Series (BLOWS).  Having recently relocated to North Carolina for work, he enjoys spending quality time with his beloved hamster, Rocco.


Mark Martinez comes to NASCAR Cup with a pedigree of success, having led several developmental teams to lead-lap glory in the Xfinity and Truck Series over the past ten years.  Martinez comes to 52 Pickup Racing after having led B Team Motorsports to a thirteenth-place finish in the ARCA Series standings in 2020.  With a laser-focus on success, Martinez declined the opportunity to pose for a new picture.


Ben “Moose” Milacki is the hauler driver for 52 Pickup Racing.  With decades of experience for a number of NASCAR teams, Milacki makes sure the Monday Cigarettes tractor trailer is there on time with two (sometimes one) race cars ready, in theory, to run.

Todd Lefferts serves a number of roles within the team, from lead engineer to human resources to backup janitor.  The rest of the 52 Pickup Racing squad is made up of hungry young interns and volunteers, most of whom work for little to no pay (or lunch).

The #52 Monday Cigarettes race car is pitted by students and graduates of the North Carolina Pit Crew Academy and Charm School.


Fifty-two success-mined individuals have come together to start NASCAR Cup’s newest race team.  With diverse backgrounds such as phrenology, multi-level marketing, and homeopathy, each of the team’s investors brings invaluable experience to 52 Pickup Racing.

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